About Me

Hey hey! My name is Kyrsten Baker and I'm a work from home Mommy of two gorgeous girls. I'm the owner, designer, and creator of all the Heart of Violet pretties you see. I named my company after my first born who was about six months old at the time. I opened up shop in the beginning of 2015 after losing my job working in EMS. I just couldn't imagine having to leave her again after staying home for a few weeks, so I went out and bought a sewing machine after a five minute tutorial from my Momma and opened a shop a few weeks later. I had absolutely no idea I would still be here today doing this awesome small shop thing and building awesome relationships with all of my itty bitty customers and their Mommies! I am incredibly humbled by all the love and support, I truly couldn't do it without you all. I pour my heart and soul into this shop and I sure hope it shows! Xoxo